Anonymous: If you had a boat what would you call it?

Da Boooooooootiful Belle tehe (I honestly have no idea, please don’t think I’m being incredibly arrogant I just don’t know :( ) I’d want it to have something to do with my name though!

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does hannibal eat anything besides people like does he ever eat doritos

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Anonymous: Who is your favourite character in Game of Thrones? And who do you think you'll win in the end?

Still Tyrion. But I think Arya wins it all..

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Anonymous: If you met a person from the future what would be the first question you would ask?

"Have they found a cure for cancer yet?" & "does Ben Affleck actually make a good Batman or is he bad like I thought he would be?"

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Anonymous: Do you think there is a meal that cheese could not improve?

Well I’m pretty sure apple crumble wouldn’t be improved by cheese and I would have that as a proper meal if I was feeling it… Other than that, no, I feel cheese improves pretty much anything and everything. Except pancakes. No cheese on my pancakes.

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Anonymous: What is the best kind of chocolate?

Dark mmmm mmm. But if we’re talking like a make then I loveeeeee magic stars and malteser chocolate kinda thing

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Anonymous: Who would you be most annoyed about if they died in Game of Thrones?

Tyrion for defs, he’s my fave. But I also really like Arya and Daenerys!! so if they die too I’ll be pissed lol

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Anonymous: Do you think penguins say 'waddle waddle waddle' in penguin language when they walk?

Obviously I have no actual idea but I really hope so, it would be so cool. Although it may be quite tiring speaking every time they walked and having to make the walking action also into speech so maybe not, just for energy saving reasons :)

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Anonymous: Do you think you'll meet your soul mate and it will be like How I Met Your Mother and you were pretty much destined to meet this person ?

I’m honestly not sure but it’s sort of all that I want so I really hope so. Like hope so soooooooo much. I want to meet my soul mate but it be completely awesome and not just like ‘oh yeah so this happened’ y’know? I want a good story for my kids lol

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Anonymous: If you had to choose a side of the bed what side would you choose?

hmmmmmmmm, left

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Anonymous: Do you ever think about space and how its we are such a small planet in a massive galaxy that's itself is tiny compared to the known universe? I think it's both endlessly fascinating but also terrifying.

Most days I do actually haha, it’s scary. Like there are billions of people on our planet, living their own lives day by day but yet when you put it into perspective our planet is absolutely tiny in comparison to the universe! And then we don’t even know if we are alone as creatures on just our planet and through this vast space no one has figured out yet whether there is possible life on other planets. Weird.

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